Buick Connecting Rods V6

Molnar Buick Connecting Rods

Molnar Technologies H Beam rods are machined from billet 4340 steel, and then heat treated to provide improved strength. To make the rods even stronger, they are shot peened to which also increases fatigue life. All Molnar connecting rods are fitted with highly durable premium bronze bushings for use with floating pin type pistons. Each rod set for the Buick V6 engines includes ARP fasteners, moly lubricant and installation guidelines.

All Molnar rods are finished in the United States at the Molnar Technologies shop in Michigan. Critical rod dimensions are are held to very precise tolerances of +/- .0001 of an inch, which is the tightest tolerance you will find in the performance and racing aftermarket.

Molnar H Beam Buick Connecting Rods

Buick H Beam rods

Buick connecting rod

Molnar Buick V6 Rod Specs and Prices

  • Length Length of the connecting rod, as measured center to center, in inches.
  • Wt Weight in grams, of one complete connecting rod assembly
  • Desc Additional information about specific applications
  • Jrnl Crank rod journal diameter
  • Pin Size Piston pin diameter, in inches or millimeters
  • BE Width of the crankshaft end of one rod
  • PE Width of the piston end of one rod
  • Bolts Rods come with 7/16" diameter ARP2000 fasteners installed (except BH5638WJB6-A which uses 3/8" capscrews)
  • Part Number Molnar Technologies Connect Rod set part number
  • Price The price shown is for a complete set of rods for the engine

Buick Rods

Length Wt Desc Jrnl Pin BE PE Part Number
5.638 590

1996 – 2005

Buick Series II L67

3800 Series 2 Supercharged V6

2.249 23mm 0.840 0.840


$664.58 $574.00
5.960 Buick V6 695 Stock Replacement 2.249 .940 .854 .986


$664.58 $574.00
5.960 702 Turbo Buick On Center Block, stock length rod 2.249 0.940 0.854 0.986


$664.58 $574.00
6.350 Buick V6 717 Offset with Narrow Journal 2.249 .927 .854 .986


$664.58 $574.00
6.350 720 Turbo Buick On Center Block, long rod 2.249 0.927 0.854 0.986


$664.58 $574.00


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