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Are you building an extremely high output 4.6 MOD engine and need an extra heavy duty 8 counterweight 4.6 billet crankshaft to base your rotating assembly on? The Molnar Technologies Ford 4.6 billet crank was designed specifically for turbocharged, supercharged or big nitrous system engines. Most OEM V8 crankshafts use 6 counterweights which work well in most applications. A crankshaft in a very high torque and horsepower application sees greater bending forces than lower power applications. The use of 8 counterweights helps better resist flexing due to the very high cylinder pressures seen in big boost and large nitrous system engine applications. 8 counterweight crankshafts are also referred to as fully counterweighted or center counterweighted.

Ford 4.6 Billet Crankshaft

Molnar Technologies superior 4340 steel billet 8 counterweight 4.6 crankshafts are extremely strong, precision machined high performance parts and are ideal for use in extremely high output boosted engines. This crankshaft is stock stroke can uses the stock size main and rod journals. This extra heavy duty 4.6L crankshaft is a popular choice for use in building a high horsepower dependable engine.

Check out the many premium features included with each Molnar 4.6 MOD Billet steel crankshaft and order today to get started on your next engine project. Check out our selection of matching Molnar 4.6 connecting rods and get a set of rods that will be the perfect match for your new crankshaft.

Molnar 4.6 Billet Crankshaft with 8 Counterweight Features

  • 4340 billet steel construction
  • 8 counterweights
  • Nitrided main and rod journal surfaces for superior wear resistance
  • Multi stage heat treatment
  • Precision machined to extremely tight tolerances
  • Material properties are monitored closely to insure optimum performance
  • Counterweight placement designed for improved crankshaft performance
  • .125" radius on both the connecting rod and main journals for increased strength
  • Precision ground and micro-polished journals
  • Chamfered oil holes for improved oiling
  • Indexed for correct stroke


Molnar Ford Modular 4.6 Billet Crank Specs

  • Stroke Crankshaft stroke length
  • Desc Additional information about specific applications
  • Pin Crank rod pin / rod journal diameter
  • Main Main journal size
  • Min Rod Recommended minimum rod length
  • Bob Approximate bob weight
Part # and Price Stroke Desc Pin Main Min


$2881.75 $2488.97

Extreme Duty 4.6 Billet Crankshaft Stock Stroke 3.543

8 counterweight billet steel crank with full fillet bearing journals. Bearings will need to be narrowed or chamfered to clear the fillets.

8 counterweight cranks are also referred to as fully counterweighted or center counter weighted.

Stock 4.6


Stock 4.6


5.933 1780


If you do not find the 4.6 Modular crankshaft you need, please contact us for assistance. New models are constantly in development so we may have cranks available that have not been added to this website yet.

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